CAKED MGU is an exclusive brand new to the world of fashion, and ready to deliver a striking blow across the globe for those who are ready to stand out from the rest. Our designs are created for those who don't play it safe when it comes to fashion, so we are radical when it comes to doing what we want and expressing our artistic desires on our clothing.

We plan to reach those who would love to be set apart, feel comfortable in your choice of style, and be unwilling to change what you believe looks good on you. All of our products will be limited for sales making each item rare ranging from 5 to 20 pieces manufactured in the world never to be reproduced again. We stand for equal rights and a healthy work environment, therefore we do not associate with other companies who indulge in slave labor or abuse for profit. 

CAKED MGU welcomes people from all walks of life we do not discriminate against anyone including felons, we believe everyone deserves a second chance and should be forgiven. Through our brand we hope to bring joy and laughter while challenging customers who purchase our products to keep an open mind, and think outside the box.

This new brand is high in quality and made with lots of love and care, all hand made. The MGU stands for MISMATCHED GOES UNMATCHED, meaning be different, wear what makes you feel awesome, stop trying to fit in and try more to stand out!